Why should I sign up?

FoodLovers pays for itself after visiting just one location per month. When you download the app, each month you'll receive discounts to 200+ locations. Use the app to save money and explore Omaha's bars, restaurants, breweries, and food trucks.

When is my credit card charged for my subscription?

You're initially charged when you sign up and this covers your first month. After that, you're automatically charged monthly on the signup date for your subscription. If you're not happy, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How many times can I redeem a deal?

Only once per month. You’ll need to redeem the deal with your server in order to receive the discount.

How many deals do I receive per month?

You’ll receive a deal for each location that participates in FoodLovers. For example, if 200 locations are currently participating, you’ll receive 200 deals that month.

How do I redeem a deal?

When you're at the location, open your app, tap the deal, and tap redeem. Present the "Are You Sure" screen to your server and they will complete the redemption.

What if I don’t have my phone on me? Can I still get the deal if I’m a subscriber?

No. You’ll need to redeem the deal via the app in order to receive the discount.

Do deals expire?

Yes. They expire at the end of each month. But don’t worry, you’ll get new deals each month that you can use immediately.

Can I redeem a deal after it has expired?

No. Deals are only good for the month in which they are issued.

What locations can I redeem my deals at?

They're listed in the app and on our home page.

Are the deals for each location listed on the website?

No, they're listed in the app. Download the app to view the monthly deals. Note these are subject to change.

How do I manage my subscription?

Please visit the subscription page.

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